What do Bruno Mars and Thanksgiving have in common!?

Picture this...it's November 24th, Thanksgiving day, family, sweet potatoes and the itis. 

My dear friend and portrait client Chanel Carroll has done it again. She has added another gut-busting song parody to her ever growing collection of comedic play-act shorts in which she writes and performs. This one is called 24th of November and parodies the Bruno Mars song 24K Magic in tribute of the, well, gut-busting Thanksgiving holiday. ;-)

The Thanksgiving Day story-line appropriates stand-out features from the Bruno Mars video and turns them on their head. From the beginning, performances by Chanel, her co-star Eric Lockley, and the entire cast illicit a healthy belly laugh as playful lyrics ring out over collard greens and the "meat-and-potatoes" of turkey dinners. Things quickly escalate when Chanel pokes good fun at some of the stereotypical attire worn by those Thanksgiving guests primed for a glutenous undertaking. Back-to-back zingers like "I'm a dangerous man on no sleep and an empty stomach," "cranberry sauce, like a boss," "Mac-n-cheese-us, hashtag bless," "don't fight the itis, invite the itis," are guaranteed to rip laughter through even the coldest of holiday hearts. ;-)

This parody hits it out of the park and joins her youtube line up of other successful videos she has created such as 30 (parody of 'Hello' by Adele) a type of comedic eulogy when the perception of loss and the anxiety of turning 30 consumes her character. Also worth note is Tuition (parody of 'Partition' by Beyonce) a witty portrayal of the intrusive student loan struggle. All of her videos are chock full of entertainment and now with the release of 24th of November they are sure to prep you for a holiday full of good humor. Check it out here

Most recently I was able to catch Chanel and photograph her in action at the Peoples Improve Theatre in New York City performing Political Subversities: Vote Or Whatever, a "dark and hilarious cabaret that aims to break your expectations as well as your funny bone with a breathless barrage of songs, sketches, characters and Broadway-worthy musical numbers." Photos from the gold star event are featured below.

In short, I am incredibly proud of Chanel, this woman is an outstanding talent, boundless quipster, and admirable human being. I can't wait to have her back in the studio for a glass of wine, head shots, and whimsy gossip. Watch out because this seasoned actor is going places.