This Is DJ Japancakes.

” …at Vogue events and private events for Anna Wintour… His eclectic taste and inherent ability to keep guests jovial and dancing is unmatched… Always impeccably turned out he is one of the very best DJs and an absolute pleasure to work with.” – Vogue

I met DJ Japancakes on Marathon Sunday in NYC. After a long day of cheering all 50,000 runners I wanted to celebrate with friends who had crossed one of the greatest finish lines in the world.  Our plans were to meet at a party in downtown Manhattan. Hundreds of runners and their supporters arrived to a happening full of good vibes. It was like watching an engineering feat, something out of legend, to see these runners dance the night away after running an agonizing 26.2 miles. That is a testament to DJ Japancakes.  If he can get you moving after 4-ish hours of running NYC hills then there is certainly magic in there some where. Check him out at