Frequently Asked Questions


How much?

Retouching is a subjective process so all pricing is based on the necessities of the image and requests of the photographer. Please provide high res files along with a brief/markup for a custom quote.

How do I send images?

Please send all files via to (not .com) to take advantage of uploading 20GB for free. If you would like to use an FTP of your choosing please provide a link to your files.

What type of files do I send?

Raw files if you need raw conversion plus retouch.

DNG/(RAW+XMP) files if you have done raw conversion you would like to conserve.

TIF files if all of your raw processing is complete.

PSD if all of your raw processing is complete and you have layers to conserve.

***It is imperative that your files have never been a jpeg at any point during their lifecycle.


All orders receive an approximate turnaround of 2-4 days.